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I am a good housewife, and the six years I spent with Jose were a gift from God. Some people must wonder why I left Taiwan for ten years without writing an article, but after I got married, I wrote an article instead? Others say that if a writer is a housewife, he can't write articles, otherwise he can't figure out firewood, rice, oil and salt. I am a housewife, very housekeeper, because I like home. I think God has given me six great years. I believe that my husband came into my life with a very important task and mission. He didn't know it, and neither did I. For six years, he took me here, there, to the Sahara Desert. He let me be a free wife. He never interfered with me. He let my personality develop freely. Although he didn't know my articles, he told everyone, "My wife is a writer." No one believed that he did not understand Chinese, but he was very proud of it. I published a book called Gentle Night, but I didn't write it again. My friend asked me, and Mr. Xian of the United Daily News often wrote to me: Why didn't Sanmao write it? I dare not urge you. I do not know how to answer these letters from friends who love me, in fact, I have almost a year, is the last. Now I have a bad habit of saying, "This is the last year." The so-called last year is the last year of my husband's life. My usual writing habit is to write at night and sleep during the day. In my last year, I suddenly realized that when I was writing, my husband was going to bed in the morning, and he was supposed to get up at six in the morning. So at eleven in the evening, I said to him, "Jose, you go to bed. I'm going to start writing because I really owe too much. I can't help it. You go to bed." He put my tea away and went to sleep, and I didn't care that he started smoking and drinking tea and put himself in the article. Because Jose couldn't sleep,calcium ammonium nitrate price, I stopped writing again. The last article I wrote was "Forever Mary". I remember that I wrote it for nearly four days, and I didn't write it well. At six o'clock in the morning, I sneaked into the bedroom to sleep. I went in carefully for fear of waking up Jose. It turned out that he covered his head with a sheet. As soon as I went in, he said, "Wow!" He jumped up and shouted, "You've finally finished!" " I asked him, "Didn't you sleep?" He said: "I dare not say, because the house is too small, I dare not move, I put the sheet over my head, see what time you will come in!"! And you finally finished it. I asked him how long this had been going on? He said, "It's not how long it went on. I couldn't sleep since you started writing articles after you married me." I said, "You know I'm outside. Why can't I sleep?" I scold him because I am distressed. I said, "Why don't you sleep?" He said, "I don't know. I can't sleep."

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